What Dr Deekshith Reddy said on different occasions

[5/9/2018, 9:44 AM] Stu Dr Deekshith Reddy: Very few people have the power to educate today’s youth. You do it pretty well.
Happy Teacher’s Day madam! I raised a sparrow from its egg hatch and I raised two squirrels at that time,, that was just humanity
May be I learnt all those things there
And may be that is the reason I’m here today
Not so great but I put my efforts to help people make themselves better. Yes mam I do recall your biology classes.
Those flowchart concepts helped me a lot throughout my progress.
I will look forward to make something remarkable and next thing is that I will visit school
It feels like an adult right now but u still am a kid in tapovan
I will visit soon mam.
As far as cancer research is concerned, my soul is all dedicated to the people who actually didn’t want anything because of their condition
Now it feels like I will dedicate my life to those who wants to make difference when nature doesn’t agree to
Not just my hands,, I’ll do everything for this.Let me talk to sharma sir mam I really recall him more,,, he taught me the basics
[8/9/2018, 10:29 PM] Stu Dr Deekshith Reddy: He’s more a legend from the point of his accent to his management skills

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