This is Manasa V

[17/12, 10:54 AM] Manasa Stu: Good Morning Mam
This is Manasa V
2010 Batch
I am an Advocate now.
Tapovan School is that part of my life which changed me completely.
It taught me how to be a leader it taught me how to make friends it taught me how to present myself in front of other. It created a foundation for me to go ahead and achieve my goals in life
The school just did not give me only education it gave me lessons from which I have learnt how to go ahead in my life. It also gave me teachers and friends for life with whom I am still in touch. I studied only for two years but that memories and learnings of two years will stay with me till I am on this universe.
Where ever I may reach in my life but the start point will always be my Tapovan School.
Thank you would be a very small word but I can’t describe how thankful I am to you and the school. I miss my school days so much I miss preparing for all the school events I miss being that child and student under you so much.

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