Cyber Safety awareness workshop – Need of the hour skill!

“The need of the hour, skill”

On 3rd June , Tuesday, a workshop on “Cyber ​​Safety” was conducted in Tapovan School premises by fnCyber ​​team from Bangalore. Students of grades 7, 8, 9 and 10 were encouraged to participate. “Cyber ​​Safety” workshop which is the need of the hour for children in the teenage range, was arranged at Tapovan School for the benefit of the children. We had Mr. Shamsheer Khan, Ms. Tara Raj, Mr Pradeep, Ms Rachael & Ms Shonali from fnCyber ​​with us. The children were given awareness about various aspects of cybercrime, the aftermath, the prevention etc.

In the workshop, students were able to:

  1. Explore the fundamentals of cyber safety: Understand the various threats lurking in cyberspace and how to identify them.
  2. Learn best practices for safeguarding personal information: Discover effective strategies for protecting their identity, passwords, and sensitive data.
  3. Navigate social media responsibly: Gain insights into maintaining privacy settings, recognizing fake profiles, and handling online interactions safely.
  4. Combat cyberbullying: Equip themselves with strategies to address and prevent online harassment and bullying.
  5. Understand the importance of digital footprint: Learn how their online activities can impact their reputation and future opportunities.
  6. Stay updated on cybersecurity trends: Get acquainted with the latest trends and developments in cybersecurity to stay one step ahead of cyber threats.

It was an eye-opening session for the students on the gloomy side of social media. At the end of the session activities like quiz, games were conducted. Our Principal, Dr. JA Vani Sharma, congratulated the team and awarded them with green accolades.

Always Facilitating the best for our students,
Tapovan School.

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