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At Tapovan importance is given for athletics and sports. School Students continuously participate in Karnataka ICSE Schools organized sports events every year apart from Taluk and District level sports events. Several of our students are qualified for Black Belt in Karate. Sports events are not only conducted for students but for parents also.

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Dr J A Vani SharmaFounder & Principal

Tapovan Team Has A Long Story

Tapovan students are trained and grouped sport wise. The popular groups are Throw Ball Group, Foot Ball Group and Cricket Group.

Regularly students play under the able guidance of our coach. Principles of the game are learned in the school premises. For participation in State or National level events final practice will be done in a professional ground depending on the game. 

How To Participate?

Students are selected depending on the game and their inclination and interest. Once selected rigorous training is given before the event. Rules of the game are taught. Students are given an opportunity to play in professional grounds before the event. Tapovan School students regularly participate in local, state and national level competitions.

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